White Marble - Wireless Charger
Pink Marble - Wireless Charger
Black Marble - Wireless Charger
White Marble - Lipstick Powerbank
White Marble - Compact Powerbank
Pink Marble - Lipstick Powerbank
Pink Marble - Compact Powerbank
Camouflage - Compact Powerbank
Black - Lipstick Powerbank
Black - Compact Powerbank
Nanoglass iPad Air / Air 2
Nanoglass Samsung Galaxy S9 - Fullscreen
Nanoglass Samsung Galaxy S8 - Fullscreen
Nanoglass iPhone Xs MAX Full Screen - Black
Nanoglass iPhone XR Full Screen - Black
Nanoglass Huawei P20 PRO - Full Screen
iPhone Full Screen EASY APP - Black
iPhone 7 / 8 Full Screen EASY APP - White
iPhone 7 / 8 Full Screen EASY APP - Black
White Marble - Cable Winder
Pink Marble - Cable Winder
Camouflage - Cable Winder
Black Out - Cable Winder
Nanoglass Samsung Galaxy S7
Nanoglass iPhone X / Xs
Nanoglass iPhone 7/8 EASY APP
Nanoglass iPhone 6 / 6S EASY APP
Nanoglass iPhone 6 / 6S
Nanoglass iPhone 5 EASY APP
Nanoglass iPhone PLUS 7/8 EASY APP
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