Name: Klaudia Chrol

Age: 23 

Country: Sweden (born in Poland)

Family: My son August, & my fiancé David. 

Favorite item in the wardrobe: Black leather pants

Work/employment: Maternity leave at the moment 

Instagram: @klaudiachrol

Which persons are your inspiration? 

Hard question, because I have never thought about it. But if I think for a while, I would say Sammy Robinson, Molly Rustas and Kenza. Three fantastic girls who inspire me in all different ways. Sammy inspires me with her makeup videos, Molly has an incredibly good eye for pictures and I love her style as well. When it comes to Kenza, I love her personality and she is so down to earth. I am incredibly inspired by her propelling in life and success.


What do you like about Richmond & Finch and what is your favorite case?

I really love Richmond & Finch. I remember the first time I saw the Richmond & Finch cases and I thought “ WOW, that is stylish and beautiful", cause they looked so exclusive. When I started with Richmond & Finch, they were new at the market, but I knew the brand Richmond & Finch would succeed. One thing I could never imagine was that I would become their ambassador. I feel so proud. 

My favorite case for all times should be the matte pink case, Pink Rose. It is basic, but at the same time so beautiful. That design always works for all outfits. 

What's the best and worse part of being an influencer?

The best part is that I have the opportunity to develop my photo interest and that I have the opportunity to cooperate with so many fantastic companies. 

The worst part is that people do not know much about the influencer world and work. They think that everything is about shooting a free product, but they have no idea how much work it is behind it.


How would you describe your Instagram / style?

My style varies a bit. One day I can dress very elegantly in beige or white - very classic. While on the second day I choose to have a big hoodie, shorts and cool sneakers to that.

One thing you can't live without?

Here I will probably 
answer as the majority of the people: Mphone.


If you could go back in time, what fashion era would you like to live in?

The 50s! The women were so feminine and you dressed very elegantly at that time. 

Much of what was modern at the 50s begins to come back now and I love it! 


Tell us something fun about yourself:

I love to plan, organize and have it clean around me. It's my way to relax. 

I can also add that I was born in Poland, but have lived in Sweden since 2011.

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