The holiday is soon here and it is time to start thinking about where you want to enjoy your holiday. Richmond & Finch's Summer 19 collection has been inspired by all the plants and trees of the summer. We have also been inspired by the wonderful marble tables that we can find at the French Riviera cafés. 

Europe has been a really popular destination and the most popular countries in Europe to visit this summer is Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands & France. 

ITALY: Italy is among the big favorites when it comes to summer holidays and in In-Italia we offer the market's largest and best selection of hand-picked and carefully selected hotels and holiday homes throughout Italy. Among the regions, trips to Tuscany are most popular, but also Sicily and Liguria are among the favorites. You may have already decided on a specific travel destination and should only find the right accommodation - or are you perhaps in such an early phase where several countries and destinations are in play.

But one thing is certain: We know that Italy has enough travel destinations for a lifetime, and we are ready to show you everything. Really many of the destinations are laid out for a nice car trip where you can control the pace yourself, both on the trip back and forth, and when you are on the actual destination. Look through our list of Italian regions below, or jump to Italy's most popular destinations a little further down the page.

Top 5 popular destinations in Italy; Rome, Sardinia, Sicily, Venice & Milan.

SPAIN: Spain is and remains one of our most popular destinations. The reasons are many. Here are sun and beaches, attractions and cities, good food and lots of things to do. In this guide, we suggest weekend cities like Madrid and Barcelona, classic destinations like Mallorca and Malaga, as well as a number of unknown Spanish beads that are just waiting to be discovered.

GREECE. Are you interested in beautiful architecture, crystal clear water, green olive groves and excellent gastronomy, then the Greek islands are certainly a perfect holiday hit for you. With more than 2,500 islands, Greece is a great destination for most people, regardless of age and interests. But which islands should you visit when there are so many to choose from? Get our tips on some of the best Greek islands you should visit when you need a holiday in the south sun. 

Alonissos, Paxos, Santorini, Mykonos, Tilos, Skiathos, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Karpathos & Skopelos.

NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam in all honor, but if you want to take it a little quieter, there are plenty of alternatives to the capital. The Hague is only an hour's train or drive from Amsterdam and is perhaps best known for a strong bureaucratic presence in the city with several important political institutions. The more understated is the city's historical side. In the older parts of the city you can stroll around among Gothic cathedrals and paved alleys. Staying at a café or a bar and drinking one of the region's famous beers is a favorite among many visitors. The Netherlands is also ideal for those who enjoy physical activity. Because the country is relatively flat and lacks high peaks, it is a perfect place to explore with, for example, a bicycle. This applies to both long-distance cycling and shorter discoveries in the country's city centers. Beautiful meadows stretch out between the cities and the air is both fresh and clean. Given that the Netherlands has been the birthplace of some of Europe's most famous artists - where perhaps Van Gogh is the most famous - it is not surprising that there are many good art museums to visit in the country.

FRANCE. There are many reasons to love France. The language, the wine, the food and the people. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of France's most amazing and amazing places where you can experience all of this. Enjoy!

Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Moulin Rouge and Notre-Dame. It is no wonder that the city of love and light is visited by so many millions of people every year. Paris is a city you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Jardin de Marqueyssac: The romantic garden of the Dordogne is a wonderful collection of different shapes and visual impressions. The castle garden dating back to the 19th century contains over 150,000 boxwood trees and other plants that form a beautiful maze of greenery.

The cliffs in Etretat: The spectacular cliffs lie along the Alabaster coast and lined with white beaches. The rocky coast, which is nearly 120 kilometers long and located in Haute-Normandie, creates imaginative creations that have inspired several famous artists such as Claude Monet and Gustave Courbet.

French Riviera: The fact that Côte d'Azur is so popular with jet setters and society is not difficult to understand. From the pastel-colored house facades of Nice, to the red carpets in Cannes and the festivities of Saint-Tropez - the French Riviera are glamorous. Water that glitters in turquoise, sumptuous parties and sun-drenched outdoor cafés is not particularly wrong either.

Camargue: Horses, flamingos and wetlands filled with countless bird species. But also medieval castles, rustic bistros in stone houses and vibrant markets. Chill in wine, oysters and cheeses.

Îles d'Hyènes: A favorite among vacationing franchises but a hidden among Swedish travelers. The French island group is located outside Hyéres in the south-east and offers steep coastlines, secret beaches and hills covered with rosemary and lavender. Due to the fact that they are car-free and that a large part of the islands are owned by the French State, they have been preserved from over-exploitation.

Have a safe and peaceful vacation this summer, people.

With love,
Richmond & Finch

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