Summer calls for amazing drinks, delicious food, and great company. There is a few thing you need to think about if you are hosting a party. Guest list, drinks, theme, decorations, flowers, music, food, games... You want everything to be perfect and you do not want to stand there on that day and think "why didn't I think about that?" So therefore, we will give you some tips and ideas. 

In modern decors the whole idea is to be simple. For example, use a simple wooden planter to bring color into the room.

Another lovely idea is to use fresh plants to decorate the dining table. You can have two or three potted plants placed at the center of the table. They shouldn’t be too big or they’ll occupy a lot of space on the table plus they’ll obstruct the views.

When it comes to the placing of your guests, place people in unexpected places. Is the decision too difficult, collect all the names in a box and pick random white to get a mixture of people around the table. We want people to get to know each other.

Something that must exist is also food and drink. The food, depending on how many guests it is and how you have put up the evening, think of the completeness and the "red thread". Choose food depending on the theme as well.
If you have a small number of guests and no catering, choose finger food. It is social and very effective to let people express and try new things.

The drink should be simple but still classy. Do you have free drinks, think about what people drink and what drinks you can have all night. If you have a bar, write your own drink list and the guests will order your "special drinks" for the evening. 

The entrance: Make a entrance with a WOW effect so your guests want to take picture and update their start of the evening. Stay at the theme and made the entrance like the first taste of what the guests can expect for the evening. People love entrance, so play with it and think outside of the box.

Music: DJ or not. You always have a three step program when it comes to music during a party. In the beginning it should be an inviting music that is not too high but which is still there. People should pay attention to the music but because people usually mingle in the beginning, it should be music that gives a happy and calm welcome.

In the middle of the evening after the food, it is time to raise the volume little more and put on music that makes the guests swing on their hips. It should be music that makes your guests dance, but the music should still be in that form so that people can sit and talk but still get the rhythm and dance feeling going.

Then we increase the volume more. Now it's dance time and choose music that everyone can dance to. Recognition of music is the best. If you have music that people can sing to, you will get your guests to sing and dance on the same time and that is a success!

Hope you have got a bit of inspiration from this week post. 

A lot of love
Richmond & Finch

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