Are you still looking for the perfect graduation dress or suit? Richmond & Finch has picked out a few favorites that you can find in store right now! 

All of these dresses above are from Dennis Maglic. White cute dresses that will be perfect to your graduation. The best thing is also that you can use this dress after your graduation on a lovely summer night or maybe for a dinner. Dennis Maglic has a lot of cute dresses and suits. If you don't graduation this year, you can find other lovely dresses, tops or skirts on their website.

Remember, you don't need to wear white. You can wear any color you want. The reason we choose these cute dresses is in white is because white is used very rarely and white feels elegant. But if you find these dresses in maybe blue - go for blue! Stick out and rock your own color during the graduation.

If you take your graduation this summer, we hope you have the time of your life! 

With love,
Richmond & Finch

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