Have you always wanted to be an influencer or do love to take pictures and experiment with new products and new environments? If now think "THAT'S ME" - you are our new Brandbassador! We love innovative people who are inspired by their everyday lives. If you travel a lot or you have a good eye for pictures, then scroll down and maybe you are on our Instagram within just a couple of weeks.

So, what is a Brandbassador? If you are a Brandbassador for Richmond & Finch, you will first and foremost get benefits to our wonderful products. There will be new missions that you can choose self if you want to participate or not. Everything is up to you with how much you want to work and be seen. And not only that, you can make money on your missons!
The pictures you took during a mission can also be uploaded on our Instagram have more than 113.000 followers that might see your picture. 

Download the app Brandbassador, register yourself - then we are up and running! Keep track of which missions you want to take part of. And you decide all by yourself.

We would really love to have You as our Bransbassador. There is nothing negative about this. It's free and you get something all the time.

Hope we'll see you soon! 

With love,
Richmond & Finch
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